Food Spaces Places


Melanie McCosker

Welcome to Food Spaces Places, a little corner of the online world devoted to good food, interior design and travel.

I’m Mel McCosker, an interior designer living in Sydney, Australia. With a background in marketing and communication, I decided to pursue my passion for interior design and moved to Sydney with my husband Nick to study at Sydney Design School. I am now working full-time as an interior designer and absolutely loving it.

As a self-confessed foodie, interiors and travel addict, I also have a thing for tequila, anything peanut butter, the colour green, reggae, the ocean and my paddleboard.

Food Spaces Places was created as a means of celebrating these three main passions, documenting good finds and sharing inspiration with fellow lovers of food, interior design and travel.

If you have any tips or would like to get in touch, please flick me an email at
I would love to hear from you.