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Introducing The Pavington

16 February 2016

The Pavington; Easy cake recipe

As I thought about what to take to a friend’s BBQ on Australia Day, two things came to mind: Pavlova and lamingtons. From that thought the Pavington was born; a pavlova base topped with double cream, smashed lamington fingers, fresh berries and flaked coconut and drizzled with chocolate sauce. I was a little nervous at the BBQ as I made up the recipe on the morning and hadn’t tried it before, but thankfully it was a hit. Taking only 15 minutes from start to finish, this is the easiest cake you will ever make. The hardest part is removing the pavlova from the cardboard base. Take a Pavington to your next BBQ or birthday event, it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

The Pavington
(Makes approx 12 servings)

1 pavlova base
300ml Double cream
1 packet lamington fingers
1 punnet blueberries
1 punnet rasberries
1 punnet blackberries
3/4 cup coconut flakes (I used Pacific organics 100% Pure Coconut Flakes from Woolworths)
Chocolate dessert sauce (I used the Passionate About Food Chocolate Dessert Sauce from ALDI)

Carefully remove the pavlova from the cardboard base and transfer to a large serving plate.
Spread the double cream on top of the pavlova and crumble the lamington fingers in your hand, sprinkling on top of the cream.
Toss the berries on top of the lamingtons and top the cake with half of the flaked coconut.
Drizzle chocolate sauce over the cake and then top with remaining coconut.


There’s no need to be neat with this recipe. Let the toppings fall onto the sides of the serving platter and drizzle the chocolate sauce over the plate; the messier, the better.

I bought all my ingredients from ALDI except for the Coconut Flakes which were from Woolworths.

The Pavington; Easy cake recipe
The Pavington; Easy cake recipe
The Pavington; Easy cake recipe
The Pavington; Easy cake recipe

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