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Three NYC doughnut joints you need to visit

22 June 2015

New York Doughnuts

I don’t think I have ever eaten as many doughnuts in such a short amount of time as I have during my ten days in New York. When they are that good, it is impossible to say no. America is doughnut heaven and there are many chain and independent stores that sell these delicious morsels.
Below are three doughnut stores that you need to visit when in New York.

1. Dough

These Brooklyn-based bad boys come in many fancy flavours such as Lemon Ginger, Chocolate with Earl Grey, Hibiscus, Tropical Chili and Cafe au Lait. We picked some up at Smorgasburg, a Brooklyn food festival that operates every weekend from April through November. Originating in Brooklyn, Dough is a boutique doughnut store with three locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Click here to view store locations and trading hours.Three NYC Doughnut Joints You Need to Visit

2. Doughnut Plant

Doughnut Plant stores have taken over Manhattan, making fresh doughnuts daily using all natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavours. My introduction to Doughnut Plant was the blueberry cake doughnut and Oh My it was delicious. Choose from the light and fluffy yeast doughnuts, cake doughnuts which have the texture of a classic birthday cake and a buttery pound cake and filled doughnuts, which are filled with house-made jams, creams and custards.
Doughnut Plant now offers on-demand delivery to Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.
Click here to view flavours, locations and trading hours.
Three NYC Doughnut Joints You Need to Visit

3. Doughnuttery

Doughnuttery is a boutique doughnut store offering bite-sized doughnuts that are made fresh to order and come in many unique flavours. The Vanilla Glazed Doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles are delicious and other yummy flavours include Pumpkin Pie Brûlée, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Mulled Green Apple Cider. Doughnuttery is located at Chelsea market, with pop up stores in Urban Space Garment District May-June and Broadway June-July.
Click here to view locations.
Three NYC Doughnut Joints You Need to Visit

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