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Slow down with an artist-designed throw

5 April 2016


It’s that time of the year again that I’m on the hunt for a new throw. Buying a new throw is an easy and in-expensive way to change the look and feel of a space by introducing new textures and colours.
Slowdown studio throws

Slowdown Studio has released its first collection of unique and playful, 100% cotton throws designed by various artists from around the world. Creative partners and friends; fashion designer Claire Tregoning from Sydney and graphic designer Marc Hendrick, based in Los Angeles have collaborated with some of their favourite artists to produce fun and original, quality blankets that are all made in the USA with free shipping worldwide. With a limited run of just 25 pieces per style, Slowdown Studio celebrates individuality and artistry through its quality and versatile products.
What I love about the studio’s blankets is that they don’t have to be put away in the linen cupboard during Summer; they can be used at the beach, as a picnic rug, a unique gift, or to hang on the wall as art.
I recently had a chat with one half of Slowdown Studio, Marc Hendrick to find out more about the studio and its upcoming second collection:

Mel: I’m loving all the Slowdown Studio throw designs and am finding it hard to decide which one I like the best. Is your house full of awesome throws, or do you have a sneaky favourite?
Marc: Yep I have one of every throw at home! So I’m a very popular addition to picnics. I actually don’t have a favourite, but our black and white ones tend to be the ones we use the most at home on the couch, and the colourful ones are our outdoor rugs.Slowdown studio throws

Mel: What’s the story behind Slowdown Studio? How did it come about?
Marc: My friend (and Slowdown partner) Claire and I were talking homewares one day (a true sign of being in your thirties), and were saying how few blankets and rugs had fun, original art on them. So I did a little research on production, and found a great weaver in New York who was able to work with small quantities. I’ve previously worked in a similar artist-designed concept (but with t-shirts), so I had some great connections for amazing artists to start working with.

Mel: How would you describe the style and aesthetic of the studio?
Marc: Playful, fun, bold, abstract.

Mel: What’s involved in the design process? Are the artists given a particular brief based on each collection?
Marc: There’s no real theme or brief that we work with. We choose artists based on their previous work and just try to get the best out of them! This second collection has been somewhat easier to direct because we have established an aesthetic in this first collection.Slowdown studio throwsSlowdown studio throws

Mel: What’s in store for the next collection of throws? Are there any artist collaborations you’re particularly excited about?
Marc: Next we have a mini-collection featuring French artists Atelier Bingo  – who are amazing. We’re so excited to release their work, it’s really fun. And then shortly after that will be our second proper collection with another stable of artists we’re looking forward to introducing.

Slowdown Studio

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